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This is how FillUp started. Meet the team...

This is how it began

Born out of an idea to help people in remote areas to obtain items they ordinarily would have great difficulty in finding (or would not be able to obtain at all), the founders of FillUp conceived this awesome idea after resigning their jobs and deciding to travel the world, working as volunteers and talking with locals.

We got inspired while traveling

The lightbulb moment happened when founders Farid Rostami and Djina Tangali were stuck in Prea, a beautiful, but remote, sandy kite surf village in northern Brazil. They saw how the locals relied entirely on travelers from North America and Europe for kite surfing supplies and how crucial the income from the tourist trade was for their micro economy. They had to do something…

So, they established FillUp to help places just like Prea and vowed to hook them up with people traveling from all over the globe who would be able to help them out with much-needed supplies. Since then, they have been proud to be part of this awesome cultural exchange.

Helping people while traveling

Recently Duco has joined the team. Farid, Duco and Djina’s dream is to have as many people as possible to use the site, which is why the site is totally free of charge. They would ultimately like to make it much easier for people to ship products around the world and, in doing so, give people in developing countries greater access to items that would normally be difficult to get.

Their motto is, “Less cars, less traffic, less pollution and more awesome!”. By working together with commuters, the three founders of FillUp believe that we can help the environment and alleviate traffic problems.  

So far, Duco, Djina and Farid have had an amazing experience with FillUp and have received many positive responses from the travel community. They are very grateful for the encouragements they receive for their project by travelers, expats, NGO volunteers and local businesses.

Meet the FillUp Team

Djina loves yoga!

Djina Tangali (Co-founder & -owner)

Djina loves to cook, is the co-founder of a cooking club and is 31 years young. She likes to feed people delicious Suriname dishes. Nothing makes her happier than practicing yoga and living healthy!

Although she is a former lawyer, this project isn’t a walk in the park for her. FillUp challenges her to think out of HER box and do things which she normally would never do, such as writing scripts, shooting movies, being a marketer and so on. She is constantly growing and meeting interesting people. That’s why she loves this project.

Farid brings goods for you!Farid Rostami (Co-founder & -owner)
Farid used to work as a computer engineer but despite this fact, has a rather arty side and likes yoga and salsa dancing. He is 34 years young, loves traveling, diving, spending time with people and telling stories. Oh, and did we mention he likes chocolate?


Duco van Breemen (Co-owner)
As the youngest member in our team, Duco is 26, but what he lacks in age, he makes up in humor, intelligence and entrepreneurial spirit! Duco is marketer by profession and likes reading, diving and blogging.

Marine Follet

Marine Follet (Intern)
We met Marine in Spain while traveling and later again in Colombia. Marine, our friend, was involved with the creation of FillUp since the early days and helped us with different projects. She is now officially one of the team members and is going to help us with translating the site into French and Spanish.

Fillip TravelsFillip Travels (traveling mascot)

And last but not least, we have Fillip. Fillip loves traveling as much as the rest of us and is constantly traveling the globe, helping people. He is our little hero and mascot! Say hi, Fillip!


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