Help people by traveling!

Imagine this: You live in Shanghai and ask your friend, who is visiting Italy, to bring you a nice piece of pecorino cheese. Great! Well – unfortunately - most of the times your friends won’t be visiting the countries where you want them to. Shipping goods by normal carriers is not always an option. Most of the stores do not ship their products to other countries. If they do, the costs of shipping could easily exceed the purchase price exponentially. On top of that, the duration of the shipment might take too long. That is why we created a community where you can find other travelers who can bring goods for you!

Fill Up My Luggage is a crowdshipping community. Crowdshipping is the concept of people helping people bring goods around the world. Crowdshipping is not a new concept. In times when the world lacked global couriers, crowdshipping was the easiest or sometimes the only way to bring goods around the world. Of course, back then they didn’t called it crowdshipping!

how does crowdshipping work

In order to ship goods you need a Shipper” (someone who wants to ship goods)and a Traveler” (someone who is traveling and is willing to carry goods). Let’s explain this with an example:

You live in a kitesurfing spot in a remote area in Brazil and you are in need of a new kite. The brand new model kite that you want is only available in a specialized store in Miami. Shipping the kite to your place in Brazil will cost you hundreds of dollars. In addition it will probably take weeks to arrive. So the best way to get the kite is to find a traveler at Fill Up My Luggageand let him/her bring it for you to Brazil.

In this example YOU act as the “Shipper” and the traveler is the… “Traveler”!

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What is crowdshipping? How does Fill Up My Luggage work?