By posting your trip on Fill Up My Luggage you can earn money with your unused luggage space. Most commuters travel daily in their car between two cities. Probably they are driving with an empty trunk and a lot of free space. Why not earn some money by shipping goods between those cities? How does it work?

Imagine you are flying to Madrid and the airline allows 25 kg of luggage. However, you have only 15 kg of luggage. This means that you have 10 kg of unused luggage space. This is what you do as Traveler:

Step 1. You post on Fill Up My Luggage that you are traveling to Madrid and can bring 10 kg of goods.

Step 2. You get in contact with a Shipper (someone who wants to ship goods) and agree on how to get the goods and on the delivery terms, such as time, location and price.

Step 3. You deliver the goods at the agreed location and get your reward.

Step 4. You write a review about the Shipper on Fill Up My Luggage to help the other Travelers and Shippers.

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