Shipping goods by normal carriers is not always an option. Most of the stores do not ship their products to other countries. If they do, the costs of shipping could easily exceed the purchase price exponentially. On top of that, the duration of the shipment might take too long. As an alternative to expensive normal carriers, you can use Fill Up My Luggage to ship your goods.Fill Up My Luggage can serve for last minute, one-time shipments or recurring shipments for both personal transport and businesses. So, how do I find a Traveler to carry my goods?

Steps to find a Traveler:

Step 1. As a Shipper, you post your requests on Fill Up My Luggage. In your advertisement you describe what your shipment is and how you like to reward the Traveler. This could be money, free accommodation, a city tour or something else.

Step 2. You get in touch with a Traveler and agree on the delivery terms, such as time, location and price.

Step 3. You get the goods at the agreed location and give the Traveler the agreed reward.

Step 4. After the delivery we ask you (the Shipper) to write a review about the Traveler. By sharing your experiences with other members, you help build a safer and more reliable community.

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