Get the most out of Crowdshipping by adhering to the following basic rules. Please ensure that you read these rules thoroughly in order to safeguard your interests and create a successful Crowdshipping experience for yourself and the members of this community.


1. Do not violate any local or international laws or regulations

Consult the customs website of the country of origin and destination when shipping goods internationally and check if you are allowed to import and/or export the item(s) you plan to transport.

2. You have the right to cancel a shipment at any stage of the process

However, this rule only applies when the security is at risk. If you don’t trust the Traveler, Shipper or the shipment you are entitled to walk away. Trust your gut and act based on your good judgment: Safety comes first!

3. Travelers: always check the content of the package

As a Traveler you are responsible for the content of the package you are transporting and obliged to check the contents of the package in advance. Do not let the wrapping paper stop you from opening the package.

4. Shippers: ensure packages are damage proof and devices are charged

Pack the shipment in a way that it is not going to get damaged during the transportation, especially during the flights. However, the packing should be done in a way that the Traveler can open and check it. The electronic devices must be charged. This is to check whether they can be turned on and are not tampered with. Always provide the appropriate charger of the device. Note: Some airports do not permit broken devices as a security measure.

5. Communicate with each other immediately in case of any changes or problems

Notify the Shipper immediately if you encounter any problems securing the requested item or your travel plans unexpectedly change.

6. Do not cancel a meeting within 48 hours of the collection

The only exception for this rule is when you sense that there might be an unsafe situation. See rule number 2.

7. Write a review on FillUp about your Traveler or Shipper

To help us to build a reference system and help other future Travelers and Shippers. The review system is an important tool to build a trusted community.

8. Enjoy Fill Up My Luggage and have fun!

This is important and the most mandatory rule of all! After all, Fill Up My Luggage is not just about shipping - it's also about having fun, making friends and spreading the love. Enjoy crowdshipping. ;)